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Abbie Hunt Bryce Home

At the Abbie Hunt Bryce Home, we offer no-cost accommodations for terminally ill people of little means. Our Home is a safe, comfortable environment for people with nowhere else to go.

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A home for all. For all seasons of life.

Our Home is not a nursing home, a hospice center, or a medical facility. Rather, it is truly a home—a home for those who have no other place to call their own.

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What do our residents receive?

The Abbie Hunt Bryce Home is free of charge and is available to those with a terminally ill diagnosis.

At no cost to our residents, we provide:

  • Private rooms with semi-private baths and direct access to a spacious, fenced-in back garden
  • Shared kitchen facilities, living rooms, and family room spaces
  • Trained and certified staff & volunteers who provide support to each resident, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • Medical assistance from community
  • Hospice teams and full collaboration with other providers of homeless services in the community

The Abbie Hunt Bryce Home has been in operation in Indianapolis since July 2004 and has served 825+ residents. These individuals are low-income or homeless and would have no other home to go to during their last days or months of life.

FAQs about our free home for hospice patients

What is hospice?

Hospice is not “giving up.” Hospice is not about dying—it is about allowing a patient to LIVE the time they have left.

Hospice provides care, dignity, and peace at the end of life. Once someone is diagnosed with a life-limiting illness and has a life expectancy of six months or less, hospice is making a decision that comfort becomes the priority over treatment.

How do I pay for hospice?

Hospice is covered under Hospice Medicare Benefit, many Medicaid plans, and many private insurance plans. Everyone deserves peace and dignity at the end of life, despite background or financial means.

If you or your loved one has limited means and needs a home in Indianapolis in which to receive hospice care, please learn more about the Abbie Hunt Bryce Home.

Who provides care in the home?

The Abbie Hunt Bryce Home director (RN) oversees the home in collaboration with each individual’s hospice agency. Alongside the hospice care team, our home is staffed with CNAs equipped to provide the partnered care our residents need! (Are you a social worker or hospice provider? Learn more about admissions here.)

How many residents can you accommodate?

The Abbie Hunt Bryce Home can home 12 residents at a time, each with their own semi-private room and garden access! Our Indianapolis hospice facility is open to residents of limited means who need a place to receive end-of-life care.

Why is the Abbie Hunt Bryce Home needed?

The Abbie Hunt Bryce Home is solving a major problem most people don’t recognize exists.

In their groundbreaking white paper “Death and Dying In The US” (Clinical Interventions in Aging, Sept 3, 2008), Finestone and Inderwies point out that only “20-25% of people who die in the US utilize hospice services” and “…minority groups are less likely … to benefit from hospice or palliative care.”

They cite many reasons, but one major obstacle was not mentioned: lack of a suitable home environment in which to receive the hospice care benefit.

In short, someone without a home cannot receive hospice. That’s why the Abbie Hunt Bryce Home matters so much.

Have other questions? Please contact us at any time!

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No-cost, nonprofit home for the terminally ill

Where are we located? You’ll find our award-winning home at the following address:

Abbie Hunt Bryce Home
4760 Pennwood Drive
Indianapolis, IN 46205

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For questions or more information, please feel free to contact us at any time:



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Resident stories

Our residents have amazing stories to tell.

Meet Oseola

Making dresses and preparing her native Nigerian meals, Oseola brought a smile to the face of everyone she met.

Oseola traveled to the United States from Nigeria to take a nanny position but was stood up for the job. Shortly thereafter, she learned she had stage 4 cancer and needed a home for hospice care.

Read Oseola’s Story
Meet Penny

“I’ve helped as many people as I can. I’ve had a hard life but I think it made me a better person.”

Penny had the kind of life that could break a spirit, but not hers. Before passing away of terminal cancer, Penny made peace with her life and maintained her strong, giving spirit until the end.

Read Penny’s Story
Meet Dewey

“I hope I can do some more good for my fellow man.”

Dewey came to live at the Abbie Hunt Bryce Home and quickly made a friend who shared his passion for horses. Dewey was diagnosed with Parkinson’s and came to live the end of his days with us.

Read Dewey’s Story
Meet Richard

“Too many of us leave this world with our stories untold.”

Richard came to live at the Abbie Hunt Bryce Home in March of 2018. His early life was full of difficulty, but he ultimately decided to change his life to begin serving others. We were honored to have him in our home.

Read Richard’s Story
Can you help?

We rely on community support!

The Abbie Hunt Bryce Home was built through generous private contributions of individuals, foundations and corporations. No government dollars are used or ever have been used for the building or for the program. This means that the Home relies solely on generous contributors like yourself. Please consider donating today.