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Nonprofit programs for end-of-life care, senior living & more

What we do

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Since its opening in 2004, Morning Light’s Abbie Hunt Bryce Home has been a hand to hold for nearly 500 residents. Our home serves terminally ill people of low income with nowhere else to turn.
Although the Abbie Hunt Bryce Home is our primary program, it’s not all we do!

Check out our many services related to health, wellness, and end-of-life care for low-income seniors and others with limited means in Greater Indianapolis.

We are a nonprofit organization, and our home receives no federal dollars. We rely on individual donors as well as corporate sponsors. If you have the means, please consider getting involved with what we do.

Explore other not-for-profit services
  • Pennwood Place: We manage a 35-unit apartment complex for active seniors of low income.
  • CNA Training: Get certified as a CNA and then come work in our home! This program is still in development but has already earned awards.
Resident Stories

Meet some of the people our programs serve

Meet Dewey

“I hope I can do some more good for my fellow man.”

Dewey came to live at the Abbie Hunt Bryce Home and quickly made a friend who shared his passion for horses. Dewey was diagnosed with Parkinson’s and came to live the end of his days with us.

Read Dewey’s Story
Meet Penny

“I’ve helped as many people as I can. I’ve had a hard life but I think it made me a better person.”

Penny had the kind of life that could break a spirit, but not hers. Before passing away of terminal cancer, Penny made peace with her life and maintained her strong, giving spirit until the end.

Read Penny’s Story
Meet Oseola

Making dresses and preparing her native Nigerian meals, Oseola brought a smile to the face of everyone she met.

Oseola traveled to the United States from Nigeria to take a nanny position but was stood up for the job. Shortly thereafter, she learned she had stage 4 cancer and needed a home for hospice care.

Read Oseola’s Story
Meet Richard

“Too many of us leave this world with our stories untold.”

Richard came to live at the Abbie Hunt Bryce Home in March of 2018. His early life was full of difficulty, but he ultimately decided to change his life to begin serving others. We were honored to have him in our home.

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