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Making Memories Campaign

Making Memories Campaign

Give A Hospice Patient The Gift of Their Final Dream Coming True

Give A Hospice Patient The Gift Of Their Last Wish For Only $25 A Month

If someone asked you today what your final wish would be, what would you say?

For our Abbie Hunt Bryce Home resident, Zachary, it was simple.

“I want to go fishing,” he said.

Zachary was only 28 at the time.

Hospice makes sense for him as it prioritizes comfort and care, and allows him to spend his final days at The Abbie Hunt Bryce Home.

“I just want to people to know that life is short and to use the time they have left.”

This October on the weekend of his birthday, Zachary, his friend Sam, our Executive Director, Madison Gonzalez, and Morning Light donors Dennis and Beth went fishing on a boat down the White River. There were snacks, autumnal colors, and a sense of peace. The guests sang Zachary “Happy Birthday,” and after the ride he thanked his creator for bringing people in his life that would finally take care of him.

When someone comes to the Abbie Hunt Bryce Home, we make it clear that they aren’t coming to die, but to live. We see our Home and the community that volunteers and supports it as a chance to give someone the best of their days for the rest of their days.

Zachary’s last wish marked our first of many, his wish isn’t the final wish we will grant.

In fact, Morning Light is excited to announce our new Annual Giving Campaign – The Last Wish Campaign. A monthly and annual giving campaign that already has a $15,000 pledged match from the David P. Sheetz Foundation! This match will go towards operations to provide our residents with their every day basic needs of housing, food, care, and dignity.

Here’s how it works:

For just $25/month you can fund a hospice resident’s last wish.

Beyond funding the wish, we will help pair donors who are interested in being part of the wish with our hospice residents in making that wish a reality.

Morning Light will document and share last wishes with all of our supporters to showcase what is possible even after someone is on hospice.

Our goal is to fund 75 last wishes in 2023.

Watch the thermometer above to see how close are to making these wishes a reality. If we get 75 monthly donors to pledge, that means our thermometer should be at $1,875. Our goal is to raise $22,500 over the course of the year. With the match, that is a stunning $37,500 for the Abbie Hunt Bryce Home. And all you have to give is $25/month! It adds up!

This monthly camping will support the operations, staffing, and materials needed to make all of our residents last wishes come true.

Thank you for helping our wish of granting wishes come true.

Please click through to our donation page here thank you!