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Watermelon Mountain Dew: Day At Abbie Hunt Bryce Home

Watermelon Mountain Dew: Day At Abbie Hunt Bryce Home

A unique audio article about a volunteer’s perspective helping at the Abbie Hunt Bryce Home and the stories of those who live there.

Nick, our volunteer, is a freelance writer and graphic designer who previously worked for a nonprofit hospice in the UK.

UPDATE: Scott (a recent resident featured in this article) passed peacefully in September 2022. No one claimed his body, he did not have a funeral, and was placed in a communal grave. This is the sad reality for many of our residents at the Home. We believed everyone deserves to be honored and celebrated. Thanks to Morning Light, our team, and our volunteers, Scott will be forever remembered. We will be dedicating an engraved brick in his honor and adding it to our Memorial Brick Garden at our Annual Legacy Event in November.

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