Morning Light, Inc. fosters nonprofit community services and programs in central Indiana for the terminally ill, seniors, and families of limited means in need of health, wellness or end of life care.


Memorial Remembrance Brings a Summer Day to Fall

The annual Abbie Hunt Bryce Home Memorial Remembrance was held under clear skies and 80 degree temperatures on October 7, which is usually a typical fall day!  The unexpected warmth was appropriate as 37 lives were honored, representing the number of residents who stayed in, and passed,  in central Indiana’s only free hospice residence during the last twelve months.   Cheryl Pasquale of Premier Hospice performed touching renditions of Amazing Grace and Over the Rainbow.  Pastor Mark Powell of St. Vincent Hospice reminded everyone that the Garden is a sacred place because of what it represents: unconditional love at the end of life.

Loved ones came to the Home mostly to see the names of the departed on bricks which are displayed in the Garden.  A friend of former resident Matthew Whiteface sprinkled tobacco leaves over his friend’s brick, saying it was a Kentucky tradition that Mr. Whiteface would appreciate.  The sons and grandchildren of Michael Montgomery brought three branches of the family to celebrate a life that ended peacefully.  Former resident Diane Briscoe was remembered by her daughter in law Robin, who brought Ms. Briscoe’s bible and photograph to the ceremony.

At Morning Light we are privileged to remember those we cared for and to be considered part of the “extended family” of our residents. Their names follow. If you would like to contribute, or commemorate a loved one who stayed at the Home, please click on the Donate tab at the top of the page.

  1. Pedro Almodouar
  2. Thelma Arkers
  3. Ruth Armstrong
  4. Joe Braxton
  5. Diane Briscoe
  6. Mindy Cahoe
  7. Robert Cheeseman
  8. James Davidson
  9. Steve Davis
  10. James Doll
  11. Charles Dugger
  12. Robert Gallamore
  13. John Harding
  14. Earl Hartfield
  15. Beatrice Jackson
  16. David Keith
  17. Pat Miller
  18. Michael Montgomery
  19. Ricardo Hrlic Nelsas
  20. Isiah Poindexter
  21. Essie Robinson
  22. David Rose
  23. Marilyn Shurtleff
  24. Joe Simmons
  25. Bradley Smith
  26. Demiree Smith
  27. Ronald Smith
  28. Timothy Snover
  29. Gwendolyn Steckley
  30. Garfield Trice
  31. Janet Turner
  32. Ernestine Vance
  33. Robert Warner
  34. Bobby Weir
  35. Matthew Whiteface
  36. Gary Wickware
  37. Stephanie Wilson
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