Morning Light, Inc. fosters nonprofit community services and programs in central Indiana for the terminally ill, seniors, and families of limited means in need of health, wellness or end of life care.


FHLBI Meets At A Favorite Stop- Pennwood Place!

Front row: Alice Wilson, Trish Lewis (FHLBI), MaryBeth Wott (FHLBI), and Mike Hannigan (Board).
Back row: Jeff Poxon (Board), Rori Chaney (FHLBI), Jonathan Bradford (Board), Deron Streitenberger (FHLBI), Larry Swank (Board) and Jim Logue (Board).

The Federal Home Loan Bank of Indianapolis (FHLBI) recently met with the Affordable Housing Committee of its Board of Directors to discuss Affordable Housing Program (AHP) grant dollars. FHLBI’s MaryBeth Wott chose to meet at Morning Light’s Pennwood Place Senior Apartments to illustrate one success story and, in her words ”experience the ultimate impact of (these) grants – providing safe, affordable housing for individuals and families.“
This was the second consecutive year that FHLBI has made it a point to visit Pennwood, considered one its most solidly operated partners.  Morning Light teams with Moynahan Williams to provide 35 low income senior apartments, and to coordinate activities which range from doctor’s care to bowling outings. The group toured a typical apartment, and found out about Morning Light’s involvement from Executive Director CEO Tom Fodor and Administrator Martha Day. Property Manager Alice Wilson was also on hand to talk about the community atmosphere that makes Pennwood special.  

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