Morning Light, Inc. fosters nonprofit community services and programs in central Indiana for the terminally ill, seniors, and families of limited means in need of health, wellness or end of life care.


Morning Light Presents Computer Classes at Pennwood Place

In an effort to provide more programming, events and activities for the residents at Pennwood Place Apartments, Morning Light was proud to present computer classes led by Paul Kelley of New Beginnings Computer Training. 

During the two-weeks of classes, residents were able to learn hands-on how to navigate the Internet, e-mail and even Facebook.  Residents also learned important information about Internet security and how to detect websites or e-mails that are spam or insecure sites. 

Many residents have tablets, computers and cell phones, but weren’t sure how to operate them.  After the computer classes, each resident received a certificate of completion as well as pride and confidence in learning a skill that was once unknown and scary. 

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