Morning Light, Inc. fosters nonprofit community services and programs in central Indiana for the terminally ill, seniors, and families of limited means in need of health, wellness or end of life care.


From the Desk of the CEO

New Year’s Resolutions? How About More Of The Same?

by Tom Fodor, Executive Director CEO

For funsies (yes that is a viable word in my vocabulary) I looked up last year’s year end message.  Boy, that dude was scared!  I bragged about how Abbie Hunt Bryce was finally half full.  I wondered whether any revenue could be tied to Home operations.  I also worried about continued tenant interest in our 4701 building.

Had I known what 2017 would bring, I probably would have asked you what lottery numbers did we play?  Because, truth is, we enter 2018 somewhat on a roll. We are wrapping up our most successful year end fundraising effort in years, re-activating several lapsed direct mail supporters and attracting major grant support.  The 4701 building is starting the year with ten percent more cash flow when compared to 12 months ago.  Most importantly the Board oversaw a rebirth of the Home, which from spring through summer was basically operating at capacity for the first time in memory.  We impressed Eskenazi Health so much that it agreed to work with us on a unique collaboration which will serve even more of our neighbors through four rooms reserved for one year.  Even the Indy Star noticed our Home’s value and put us on the front page.  Remember, this is the same newspaper that didn’t know Andrew Luck couldn’t throw a pass until late November.

So when we are enjoying the Rotary Memorial Garden this summer or seeing volunteers prepare a meal for 10-12 residents, let’s remember the hard work, courage and foresight it took. And let’s remember we must do it again to keep Morning Light on a continued path to success!

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